Perennial Plants for Green Walls

A limited variety of perennials are suited to each climate’s individual year-round challenges.  In most cases, with care according to the LiveWall maintenance guides, we anticipate that perennials will typically perform well in the LiveWall system for 3-5 years before they become root-bound and must be divided or replaced.

Example LiveWall Projects – Planted with Annuals

For inspiration, we have added project examples to show the design flexibility of the LiveWall system when planted with perennials.  For even more ideas, click the button to the right to view our entire showcase of vertical garden projects.

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The Rapid Central Station Introduces a Green Wall to Bring in Vegetation When the City of Grand Rapids introduced the Silver Line, another bus stop had to be [...]


Whole Foods Market® has a living wall that wraps three sides of its flagship Midwest location in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois.  The entire green wall system is [...]


University of California San Diego Courtyard Planted Walls University of California in San Diego has installed an outdoor living wall in the small outdoor seating area for students. [...]


When moisture levels are monitored during the winter months, and periodic water applied during warm spells, perennials can perform very well in outdoor living walls.  This home in Michigan [...]


A variety of perennial plants can be grown in living walls.


Heuchera 'Autumn Bride' and Geranium 'Bevans' Green Wall


Trial during the hottest months of the UAE summer proved that exterior green walls can thrive in desert climates.


Perennial green wall plants blend a tropical-themed mural into the surrounding landscape on this rooftop hotel bar in Savannah, Georgia.


West Michigan Heart center wanted to share what they're passionate about in a creative and green way, they chose to plant their LiveWall with plants and shape that would be [...]


Double-Sided Residential Green Wall with Waterfall Feature This avid gardener selected LiveWall as a focal point around a soothing waterfall feature.  The homeowner reinvents the wall each spring [...]


Garden wall lined with selections of Bergenia, Geranium, Heuchera, and Sedum.


Boston Fern with Bromeliads on a Living Wall and Living Screen


This experimental indoor "hops" living wall is growing outside of Dr. Grins Comedy Club, one of many entertainment and dining options in the B.O.B. (which stands for "Big Old [...]


This living wall pulls triple duty, masking the sight, sound and smells from the building's mechanical equipment and dumpsters.


A small LiveWall installed with Hedera Neon plant at a Cafe.


The Golden1Center in Sacramento, California is surrounded with green walls.  The design team's goal was to make it appear as though the landscape was growing from the ground up [...]


Grand Rapids Downtown Market Perennial Green Wall The Downtown Market is a mixed-used retail, dining and event space in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  The LEED Gold certified facility includes [...]


A combination of annual and perennial green wall plants can make for a striking display. Arranged in vertical stripes of color, this planting consists mostly of annual plants--including begonias, [...]


Tibor Rubin VA Medical Center Green Wall This curved living wall was installed to provide healing veterans with natural views at the Tibor Rubin VA Medical Center in [...]


Loads of Color from Impatiens and Coleus on Italpollina's Living Wall Italpollina is a global provider of biotechnical and certification solutions for sustainable modern agriculture. Italpollina USA, Inc. [...]


Breton Village is a fashion village in one of Grand Rapids' most affluent near neighborhoods.  The recently remodeled Breton Village offers prime retail space with many popular lifestyle brands. [...]

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