How the LiveWall® System Works

Because LiveWall is designed to give plans what they need, it works exceptionally well. Many plants seem to grow better in LiveWall than in the ground, and with proper plant selection, one can even grow perennials in northern climates. And, our green wall systems are architectural quality and backed by a 15 year warranty. The process is illustrated below to show how simple and effective we make green walls.

Components and Accessories

WallTer® Wall Planters

The WallTers (wall planters) hold the inserts (which hold the soil and plants). They are decorative, molded of special automotive grade PC/ABS, and come in two sizes. And regardless of size, the WallTers make planting and replanting easy. They slide right in and can be secured with a limiting screw, making them resistant to theft and wind.

Standard WallTer: Recommended for plantings of succulents, annuals, vegetables and herbs, and perennials. Traditional look, comes in full length (16″). Available in three color options.

Image of standard size WallTer planters and its color options

Large WallTer: Recommended for robust perennials and tropical indoor plants. 16″ long. With or without water collection spout. Available in four colors.

Image of large size WallTer planters and its color options

WallTer® Inserts

WallTer inserts are filled with soil and plants, and drop into the WallTer modules. WallTer inserts unique allow for off-site growing at a nursery, if desired.

Graphical representation of a LiveWall planter insert


Designed for installations of higher than two stories, WindClip is a security measure against uplift forces that can be created when wind hits the side of a building.

HideAway™ Concealment Brackets

HideAway™ brackets are designed to allow the installer to conceal the irrigation chase with a flashing or siding material that is complementary to the building’s architecture.

Installing LiveWall

Step 1 – Install Infrastructure

Graphical representation of installing LiveWall infrastructure

Step 2 – Install WallTer Planters

Graphical representation of installing LiveWall planters

Step 3 – Install Plants

Graphical representation of installing LiveWall plants

What Should I Budget?

Ready to get started on a project? Use our budget quote request tool to estimate the financial cost of your LiveWall.