LiveWall Specifications

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  • Is the proposed project for an Outdoor or Indoor application?

  • Is the proposed project for a Public or Privately owned building?

  • Outdoors: Spray irrigation is recommended for best plant health with plants grown outdoors.

    Indoors: Drip irrigation is required to prevent water runoff and damage to indoor flooring.

  • Standard planters are only for outdoor projects, and are commonly used to grow annuals, vegetables, herbs, perennials, and succulent.

    Large planters may be used indoors or outdoors, and typically on only recommended outdoors for larger perennials and grasses or tropical plants.

  • Rear drain assemblies are required indoors as they capture runoff water and do not drip.

    For optimum plant performance, bottom drain is typically recommended in all outdoor applications. Standard planters are only available with a bottom drain.

  • Some colors are only available depending on planter size, drain type, and special order status.

  • Appx. Project Dimensions