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LiveWall Mission Please Read

In the words of my father, there are two ways to do everything, the right way and the wrong way. Our Mission at LiveWall, LLC is to do things the right way. This means providing value through professionalism and through products that work. We’ve designed the LiveWall products to be attractive, long lived, and easy to maintain. And, we support our products, customers, and the end consumer with professionalism.

Our system is unique in design and function. It is intended to last for decades, grow healthy-sustainable plants, and to complement the architecture. Equally important as our system design, is our professionalism. Our organization is composed of dedicated professionals with substantial experience in horticulture, construction, and design—and we are pleased to share our experiences as to what works, what doesn’t work, and which plants to use to optimize the aesthetic and functional qualities of your design. We even to the extent of providing free design assistance.

The LiveWall system is proven to work and requires minimal maintenance. It is supported with a written and web based maintenance protocol, and our professional staff is available to help with after-sale customer assistance. We are please to do this as a way of optimizing the owner’s enjoyment and protecting the owner’s investment, our brand, and your design and professional reputation.

Because of the uniqueness of our system, our design assistance, research tested plants, and professional service after the sale, our spec. writer will automatically generate a sole-specification. The market is fraught with those who undercut and substitute in the name of “value engineering”, and we are assuming that if you have chose to write a LiveWall specification, then you intend for it to be used in your project. Writing the spec. as a “sole” spec. is the first step in preserving the integrity of your design and the use of our system. A sole spec. helps us to spend our time focused on creating owner value and this helps to control costs. For projects that can not utilize a sole spec., the sole spec. syntax can be removed prior to distribution for bid, and a performance based spec. may be substituted.

We thank you for choosing LiveWall and we look forward to working with you on this project and many more. Sincerely,

David MacKenzie
President, LiveWall, LLC
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