Follow LiveWall's annual plant design guide recommendations for selection and pairing.

Annual Plants for Living Walls

Annual plants typically have a lifespan of a single year.  For the purposes of design with LiveWall, we have also defined tender perennials (those that will not survive winters with freezing temperatures) as annuals.  Annuals are very fun to design with, and LiveWall’s unique system design with removable planter inserts make this process simple and easy.

Example LiveWall Projects – Planted with Annuals

For inspiration, we have added project examples to show the design flexibility of the LiveWall system when planted with annuals.  For even more ideas, click the button to the right to view our entire showcase of green wall projects.

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The versatility of the LiveScreen XL is on full display in this lobby at Loyola University in Chicago, IL. One side of the mobile garden is home to a stunning selection of annuals, including various coleus selections. The other side of the LiveScreen features s delicious selection of herbs. These herbs lend an aromatic quality that is invigorating to passersby.


This senior living community brightened up its lobby during the holidays with a bright poinsettia vertical garden.  The LiveScreen Indoor system was used to wheel in the holiday cheer, and [...]

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