Our mission is to empower our customers with living wall structures, protocols and plants that make living walls simple and lasting, accessible and serviceable to a broad customer demographic.

We aim to be knowledgeable, innovative and uncommonly helpful as we foster a greener world.


Our vision is to restore the balance between green space (plants) and hard space (concrete, steel, glass).

We aim to create a greener more hospitable planet by proclaiming the benefits of plants and helping our clients to successfully install and cultivate them (on vertical surfaces).


LiveWall is designed to parallel nature. With LiveWall, plants enjoy natural orientation; stems are oriented upward instead of sideways. Roots are allowed to grow downward—in a nutrient rich soil (not sit in water, or cling to an artificial substrate).

Irrigation comes from above, like rainfall, and excess water drains from the lowest point of each planter, for healthy, oxygen-enriched roots.

LiveWall's indoor living wall system grows healthy plants.

Indoor Living Wall System

LiveWall’s indoor living wall system grows healthy plants on interior building walls.  Large planters support a wide variety of plant options, and LiveWall’s automatic irrigation system provides drip-free watering and drainage.

LiveWall Indoor
LiveWall outdoor green walls are constructed of high quality components which can withstand the elements.

Outdoor Green Wall System

LiveWall outdoor systems are designed to withstand the elements.  Architectural quality planters are molded from the same material as car bumpers.  Our unique RainRails deliver water through anodized aluminum rails, which maintain their beautiful finish and integrity in all weather conditions.

LiveWall Outdoor
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Will LiveWall Work for Me?

LiveWall systems are recommended by designers, preferred by contractors and enjoyed by commercial, industrial and residential building owners.

Whether you are a commercial property owner, professional landscape contractor, architect, interior designer or landscape designer, LiveWall is proud to have demonstrated its performance as the world’s best provider of flexible, modular living wall systems that can be installed on virtually any outdoor surface and on most indoor walls of any office, home, or workplace.

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Why Should I Consider a Living Wall?

Living Walls improve indoor air quality by increasing oxygen levels, providing natural humidity, and reducing volatile-organic-compounds (VOCs).

Air Quality

Living Walls improve indoor air quality by increasing oxygen levels, providing natural humidity, and reducing volatile-organic-compounds (VOCs).

Green walls can be used for artistic expression: The planters are the canvas and the plants are the paint.

Artistic Expression

Artistic expression comes to life with LiveWall living gardens, where there is no limit to the creative possibilities. Transform your building wall into a living canvas with a broad palette of plants.

Garden walls contribute to healthy communities.


Garden walls contribute to healthy communities.  Plants in communities are linked to a number of benefits, including reduced crime rates and increased civic participation.

Living walls connect humans with nature.


Vertical Gardens promote healthy environments by conserving energy, protecting building envelopes, and restoring habitat.

Wall gardens can block the sight, sound and smell of necessary yet unsightly equipment and utilities.

Improve Space

Living walls can completely transform an unwelcoming space into an inviting oasis.  Wall gardens can block the sight, sound and smell of necessary, yet unsightly, equipment and utilities.

Growing food is easy in the LiveWall System.

Food Production

The LiveWall system can support a broad number of herbs, greens, vegetables and even some fruit!  Vertical gardens serve as a living reminder of a chef’s commitment to using healthy, fresh, and local produce in the kitchen.

Green wall plants support mental and physical recovery for patients in healthcare settings.

Health & Well-Being

Green walls serve as therapeutic elements in a healing environment. Patients exposed to nature have demonstrated faster healing times, reduced need for pain medications, and overall increased levels of satisfaction with their care.

Vertical gardens are highly effective marketing tools.


Planted walls are inspiring mega-marketing tools.  They are stunning hallmarks of the building occupant’s commitment to sustainability.

Green walls have a calming effect.


Living walls in the office environment help to connect employees with nature.  This contributes to enhanced employee performance, stronger focus, increased creativity, improved attendance and retention.

What do LiveWall Clients Say about Their Experiences?

Watch Video: How LiveWall Brings Nature to Senior Communities

“We knew we were going to have to put a fence or something up there and the LiveWall didn’t end up being any more expensive than what we were going to have to do anyways. It was just a beautiful, prettier version of what we were going to have to do.”

Nicole Swart, Waterford Place
Watch Video: Sovengard's Literal Bier Garden

“You can’t really get any cooler than a living wall.”

Rick Muschiana, The Sovengard
Watch Video: Golden 1 Center Arena's Landscape Extends Up the Walls

“The entire project is a model of sustainability. Our green walls are a prominent feature of the arena and represent the fulfillment of our vision.”

Chris Granger, Sacramento Kings
Watch Video: Subaru Dealership Signals Commitment to Environmental Stewardship

“The typical car dealership showroom is sterile, uninviting.  The green wall brings beauty and color to the space and enlivens the atmosphere.”

Alisha Auringer, LAcarGUY (Subaru Pacific)
Watch Video: Subaru Dealership Signals Commitment to Environmental Stewardship

“What I did not anticipate is the captivating effect of the wind moving through the leaves and flowers of the plants.  A light breeze can make the living wall come alive.”

What’s New at LiveWall?

New Patent: Equalizing Water Flow on Living Walls

LiveWall has been granted a new patent for an innovative method of equalizing water flow in a vertical garden. Vertical gardens are different from ground level landscapes in many ways.  Notably, irrigation systems must [...]

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