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What are LiveScreen units?

LiveScreen® units are green walls on wheels which arrive preassembled and ready to plant.  LiveScreen uses the same innovative RainRail and TopSide technology as the LiveWall Indoor and Outdoor living wall systems, so they are simple to operate and maintain. There are five living screen models, both for outdoor and indoor applications.

LiveScreen XL, Access and Patio models are designed for outdoor use, with integrated automatic watering.  For creating attractive, organic dividers in offices, institutions and restaurants, the LiveScreen Indoor model is sold as a hand-watered living wall system with a rear drainage and catchment system for drip-free use.

LiveScreen is a simple, mobile living wall system that you simply unwrap and plant.

LiveScreen is a Versatile, Living Privacy Solution

Where privacy, serenity, flexibility and low maintenance are paramount, LiveScreen is the ideal solution.  In assisted living or rehabilitation settings, these mobile vertical gardens can be moved as needed to administer horticultural therapy.  In restaurants, outdoor herb walls can be harvested in the morning and moved to add privacy and reduce noise in outdoor or indoor eating areas.

The green wall plants improve indoor air quality and absorb sound; making them excellent living dividers between departments in offices, groups in classrooms or libraries, and sections in dining establishments.

Well Made, Lightweight, Long Lasting Green Walls

LiveScreen units are made of high quality architectural-grade anodized aluminum supports and specialty-molded components designed to last for decades.  The planted wall systems are made in the U.S. and horticulturists and biologists scrutinize the production process.  We stand behind our high quality products and offer a comprehensive warranty.

LiveScreen Model Options

To order LiveScreen, please contact us at (877) 554-4065 or fill out the following quote request form.

Example LiveScreen Applications and Plant Mixes

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