Green Wall Technical Resources

Green wall technical data is critical to empowering buyers and designers to make informed product decisions.  For this reason, LiveWall has sought engineering reports, testing, developed CAD/PDF details, specifications, installation guides, dynamic SketchUp models and more tools to support architectural and construction professionals in their living wall projects.

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LiveWall Green Wall Structural Components

Photos and descriptions of the living wall components sold as part of the LiveWall structure.

Request a Copy of the LiveWall Idea Guide & Designer's Checklist

Consult the designer’s checklist to avoid common green wall design challenges.

Simple Green Wall Detail Drawings for Architectural Plans

Simple 2 dimensional details for specifying LiveWall in project architectural drawings.

LiveWall structures have been tested according to Florida Building Codes.

Learn more about the wind, fire, and structural engineering considerations of living walls.

LiveWall may contribute toward points in green building certification credits.

LiveWall may contribute toward certain LEED® points.

Green Wall Planter Installation Instructions

Simple video and print guides for the installation of indoor and outdoor green wall systems.

Green wall maintenance can be easy when done routinely.

Maintenance for living walls doesn’t have to be difficult.  Establish a regular routine and follow the recommendations outlined in our green wall maintenance guides for interior or exterior applications.

Living Wall SketchUp Dynamic Model

3D Sketchup green wall components and dynamic models available for download.

Download 3 part specifications for indoor or outdoor vertical gardens

Use our spec writer to generate a 3 part living wall specifications in Word format.