Living Wall Products You Can Rely On

Our living wall systems are designed by horticulturists and materials experts to grow healthy plants and mount securely on building structures.  All components are integrated and proven to promote plant health, long life, and dependable sustainability in a wide variety of climates.


Living Wall Quotes

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Our Products are Paired with Superior Customer Support

Design Support

We support designers with comprehensive plant design guides based on our experiences researching and trialing hundreds of plants.  We also offer time-saving tools, such as our spec writer and dynamic SketchUp model.

Installer Support

We support installers with detailed installation guides (and videos).  With each order, we provide customized shop drawings which detail the layout for each project’s components (rails, irrigation and planters).

Maintenance Support

We support plant care professionals and owners with maintenance guides, and we send monthly email newsletters with season-specific care instructions.

LiveWall Functions Like Nature

The patented LiveWall system is the only green wall system that uses the RainRail® mounting system and WallTer® planting modules. These features allow for horizontal soil orientation and naturally oriented vertical plant growth. By not forcing plants to grow sideways from an unnatural plane, LiveWall functions like nature, and this leads to long-lived healthy plants.

Our Vertical Gardens Provide Natural Beauty

LiveWall planters are attractive in any season.  Our living wall products are offered in a variety of colors to work with a diverse selection of plant material.  A LiveWall system will draw attention to your project for the right reasons: year-round architectural interest, seasonal beauty of healthy plant materials, and a unique interface with the building’s own architecture.

Watch Video: How LiveWall Works
Our green wall systems function like nature, growing healthy plants on walls.

LiveWall vs. Conventional Green Wall Systems

LiveWall System Other Systems
Modular Yes Sometimes
Removable Media Yes No
Natural Root Orientation Yes Angled
Natural Stem Orientation Yes Bent
Natural Soil Orientation Yes Sometimes
Co-Engineered Soil Yes No
Instantly Mature Yes Sometimes
Easy to Replant Yes Difficult to Impossible
Easy to Install Yes Variable to Difficult
Broad Plant Palette Yes Often Limited
Light Weight Yes Variable
Integrated Irrigation System Yes Sourced
Maximum LEED Points Yes Variable
Support Staff Yes Variable
Reasonable Installed Cost Yes Variable
Predictable Maintenance Cost Yes Variable
High Overall Value Yes Variable
Looks Nice Out-of-Season Yes No
Available in Designer Colors Yes No

LiveWall vs. Conventional Green Wall Systems