Tropical Plants for Living Walls

In southern Florida or Hawaii, tropical plants may be sustained year-round in outdoor green wall applications.  In most cases, we would recommend the large planters to get the longest life out of the plants before they become root-bound, as many tropical plants have large root masses.  Some cultivars with shallow roots may grow well in the Standard size planters.

Nearly all indoor LiveWall applications are planted with a selection of tropical plants.  We have developed both a guide for indoor plants and a guide for plants recommended for tropical climates.

Example LiveWall Projects – Planted with Tropicals

For inspiration, we have added project examples to show the design flexibility of the LiveWall system when planted with tropicals.  For even more ideas, click the button to the right to view our entire showcase of vertical garden projects.

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The Manhattan Beach (California) Health Hub Clinic is an outpatient center developed by Kaiser Permanente as part of their focus on collaborative, patient-centered care.  This facility serves as a community [...]


The Downtown Market in Grand Rapids, Michigan features indoor living walls on the second level.  The marketplace is a popular venue for the ArtPrize competition.  Shortly after the green [...]


676 N. LaSalle Dr is the address of the ARDUS, an apartment community in River North neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois. The ARDUS is a shortened version of the name [...]


Visitors enter this luxury hotel through living wall archways overflowing with tropical vines.


LiveWall featured at the Chicago Flower and Garden Show.


The new Bioscience building at Central Michigan University is home to two LiveWall living walls.  Students are treated to these walls as they enter the new facility.


The Butterfly Atrium is a popular attraction at Hersey Gardens, open to visitors year-round.  Walk in wonder among hundreds of butterflies from around the world at this botanical garden [...]


Wege Foundation in Grand Rapids, MI indoor living wall.


The second Brome Burger location in Detroit features the LiveWall living wall extensively.  Visitors are greeted by a two-story living wall as they enter the restaurant.  They are also encircled [...]


In 2013, the Grand Rapids Downtown Market teamed up with LiveWall to display a variety of indoor planted wall combinations over a three year demonstration period.  This planting of [...]


Living walls line the building wall of the amenity deck at this luxury condo & hotel.


Buying a car is seldom a short process, so retailers benefit from keeping their clients comfortable throughout the process.  At the NBC Retail Environments event, interior designer Feltus Hawkins [...]


Indoor LiveWall system installed at the Hubbard Street Apartments in Chicago, IL.


Cornerstone University expanded its STEM programs with the addition of the Jack and Mary De Witt Center for Science and Technology.  The innovative building uses plants to help to [...]


Indoor LiveWall installed at the Subaru Racific Dealership.


Philodendron 'Prince of Orange' and 'Rojo Congo' Indoor Living Wall


Applied Imaging installed a 198-square-foot LiveWall® Living Wall as the main design element in the lobby of its new corporate headquarters at 5555 Glenwood Hills Parkway Southeast in Grand [...]


Philodendron x 'Prince of Orange' and Philodendron 'McColley's Finale' are hybrid philodendrons that grow exceptionally well in the LiveWall system.  They can be used in combination with other tropical plants [...]


A small indoor living wall installed at a residence in Michigan.


Dieffenbachia and Philodendron 'Xanadu' Living Wall Plant Trial

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