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PacMutual Brings Los Angeles’ Tallest Vertical Garden to Southern California

March 17, 2015
March 17, 2015

PacMutual is the proud owner of the tallest living wall in Los Angeles, California. The LiveWall system was selected after a lengthy testing and approval process to make sure it met strict building codes in Los Angeles.  The vertical garden stretches more than 80′ up into the Southern California skyline.  This green wall features an integrated irrigation system that maximizes water efficiency throughout the entire wall.  Southern California’s dry climate makes water management critical and the LiveWall system allows plants to use water efficiently, like in nature. Images of the fully planted wall will be made available soon.

Long Beach VA Hospital and LiveWall Bring a New Vertical Garden to Long Beach, California

March 17, 2015
March 17, 2015

The VA Hospital in Long Beach, California is home to a new LiveWall living wall.  This 1,400 square foot wall curves its way through the center of a courtyard used by patients.  The 10′ high wall is planted with a variety of perennials well suited for the Southern California climate.  This green wall was installed as a result of studies that show better patient outcomes when they are exposed to green space during the healing process.  For more information and images of the VA Hospital’s new living wall visit our project showcase.

Space Daily Delves Into the Benefits of Living Walls

January 8, 2015
January 8, 2015

Space Daily, a website dedicated to professionals in the aerospace industry has featured a very interesting article focusing on the acoustic benefits of living walls.  This article centers around a study being conducted by the UPV/EHU-University of the Basque Country in Spain.

The study finds that while traditional building materials are either effective at filtering low frequency sounds or high frequency sounds living walls are effective at filtering both low and high frequency sounds.  Read the complete article on Space Daily.

Fox News 9&10 Raves about LiveWall® Vertical Garden at Grand Rapids Downtown Market

December 22, 2014
December 22, 2014

Traverse City’s Fox News 9&10 visited the Downtown Market in Grand Rapids to review many of the vendors and features of the LEED Gold Certified public market. The team wrapped up their series in front of the Downtown Market’s Festive Holiday Living Wall, which was planted with poinsettias for the season, and couldn’t stop raving about the vertical garden.

Festive Holiday Indoor Living Wall On Display Through December at the Grand Rapids Downtown Market

December 9, 2014
December 9, 2014
poinsettia indoor green wall

Holiday living wall plantings now on display at the Grand Rapids Downtown Market.

The Grand Rapids Downtown Market’s living wall just got a holiday makeover. The lush tropical foliage on the wall for the past few months was transformed in a day into a red and pink wall of poinsettias. It took about 14 man hours to remove the plants, clean the planters, and to plant the new poinsettias.





Tomorrow, the Downtown Market is holding a Winter Wonderland event featuring treats, kids crafts and Santa Claus.  We hope to see you there!

When: Wednesday, December 10 from 4:00pm – 8:00pm
Where: Grand Rapids Downtown Market, 435 Ionia Ave. SW Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Cost: FREE

Living Art Pioneer Dave MacKenzie Takes His Art to the Next Level for ArtPrize 2014

September 19, 2014
September 19, 2014

Last year, artist Dave MacKenzie debuted his unique brand of living art using a 1,400 square foot living wall system containing 2,500 plants at ArtPrize®, the world’s largest publicly voted art contest.  This year, Dave is back with a bigger and more intricate design.  Entitled ‘Breathe,’ the living mural is home to more than 3500 plants and reaches over 20 feet tall at its peak and stretches 150 feet long.

ArtPrize 2014 Web Site PR Post

‘Breathe’ separates itself from MacKenzie’s earlier work by breaking the traditional mold of a rectangular canvas.  The new design is curvilinear, graphic, and interactive.

“The largest graphic includes a windblown pattern of color in which white flowers spell Breathe O2 (oxygen) and symbolize the air.  The green patterns, above and below, represent the forests and fields.  And, the yellow in the upper right hand corner symbolizes the sun, which fuels photosynthesis, which yields oxygen (O2),” says designer Dave MacKenzie.

“This vital process happens within the leaves, and therefore ‘Breathe’ also features leaf-shaped graphics of Michigan native trees, including catalpa, oak, beech and maple,” MacKenzie adds.

Using the LiveWall® system as the canvas, the entry surrounds and buffers the noise and odors of the B.O.B.’s waste dumpsters and air-conditioning equipment.  ‘Breathe’ was inspired by the idea of restoring the built environment to a more natural state.  The living architecture movement is a growing trend in design that aims to restore balance to urban settings by reintroducing vegetation lost during urbanization.

ArtPrize 2014 Website PR Post 2

MacKenzie stretched beyond the use of plants and incorporated lighting elements into the design of his piece as well.  These lights trace the outline of the leaf shapes and the veins that run through the leaves.  MacKenzie explained that these features symbolize the important role that light plays in the photosynthetic process, which creates the air we breathe.

MacKenzie hopes that his piece will inspire others to become passionate about living architecture and green walls.  “It’s essentially an environmental statement showcasing the importance of plants in our world,” MacKenzie said.

‘Breathe’ can be viewed outside of the B.O.B. during ArtPrize, which runs September 24 to October 11, 2014.

Silver Line Bus Rapid Transit Offers Free Rides This Week, Thousands Enjoy Living Wall at Central Station Stop

August 29, 2014
August 29, 2014

This week, Grand Rapid’s New Silver Line Bus Rapid Transit service officially opened, offering free rides to everyone through Sunday, August 31.  At the Central Station stop for the Silver Line, riders enjoy a cooler wait next to the living wall installed last month as part of an effort to replace the landscaping lost when the new bus stop seating and shading were added for the line.

Riders eager to try out the new Silver Line on it's opening day stay cool next to the stop's living wall, which reduces the reflected light and heat for a more comfortable wait.

Riders eager to try out the new Silver Line on it’s opening day stay cool next to the stop’s living wall, which reduces the reflected light and heat for a more comfortable and relaxing wait.

Read more about the Rapid Central Station’s LiveWall brand green wall on our news page.

Read more about the Rapid’s New Silver Line on or

Grand Rapids Downtown Market Expands Green Space With Indoor Living Wall

August 27, 2014
August 27, 2014

Following closely on the heels of the recent LEED Gold certification, the Grand Rapids Downtown Market is becoming even greener.  The Downtown Market added a 202 square-foot indoor living wall this week, installed by local manufacturer LiveWall, LLC.  The new addition adds more than 100 new plants to the second floor atrium across from the teaching kitchen and complements the outdoor living walls and the upstairs greenhouse space.


Downtown Market Indoor Living Wall


“Like our outdoor green walls, which help cool the building, serve as vertical garden space and restore lost habitat, the indoor LiveWall will benefit our visitors and staff,” said Claire Duthler, Downtown Market’s leasing and special events coordinator.  “The wall provides oxygen and humidification, reduces airborne pollutants and improves our indoor space, environmentally, psychologically and physically.  When people are surrounded by nature, they feel more contented, creative, happy, and healthy.”

LiveWall, LLC is partnering with the Downtown Market, to help broaden their portfolio of design concepts by testing different display plants and planting patterns, and to increase the vertical green space inside the Market Hall.  LiveWall also planned and planted the outdoor vertical walls, as well as the LiveRoof system at the Downtown Market.


Downtown Market Indoor Vertical Garden


“Over the next few years, we’ll use the wall to educated designers and architects in the pairing of plants in our living wall system,” said Dave MacKenzie, LiveWall, LLC president.  “This vertical garden is unique, as it will showcase an unusually broad array of plant material.  Our initial planting is naturalistic with rich-leaved tropical species, but I anticipate a seasonal display of poinsettias, and some really unique plants and patterns in the future.”

See more on

The Rapid and LiveWall Bring Nature to Riders

July 8, 2014
July 8, 2014

Patrons waiting to catch a ride at Rapid Central Station will now enjoy one of the cities largest outdoor living walls.

The 500 square foot planted wall was completed last week by a joint effort between LiveWall LLC and Summit Landscape Management of Grand Rapids.  The green wall took approximately four days to install and plant with a selection of colorful, cold-hardy perennials (grown in Spring Lake by LiveWall, LLC).

The Rapid is a nationally recognized leader for its sustainability initiatives, including hybrid busses and LEED certified buildings, many of which feature green roofs.  The Rapid’s green roofs help to protect water quality by reducing runoff, and restore lost habitat, and save on cooling costs.

The living wall also helps to cool the building and restore lost habitat, but unlike the green roofs, it is uniquely visible to The Rapid’s customers.  “This planted wall helps connect our urban riders with nature.  We’ve transformed a steel and concrete surface into a public garden, providing a more pleasant and relaxing stop between bus lines,” said Peter Varga, CEO of The Rapid.

“We worked with a local contractor and a local supplier who uses western Michigan sources of plants, soil, plastics, and aluminum, ensuring that this investment in public health also benefits the local economy,” said Steve Schipper, the Rapid’s manager of fleet and facilities.

LiveWall president Dave MacKenzie, who also owns LiveRoof, LLC, the company that supplied the living roofs atop The Rapid, is confident that the additional green space will have a positive impact on the city’s residents.


“When it comes to the social and environmental benefits of keeping people connected to nature, the evidence is piling up.  From lasting positive impacts on mental health, to reduced vandalism and crime rates, to cooler and cleaner city air, reintroducing plants lost to development is a very good move for the community.  And, with a living wall, beautiful and functional gardens can thrive where no workable land is available.”

The Rapid’s green wall will be the fourth publicly visible LiveWall System in Grand Rapids.  Currently there are 1400 square feet of vertical garden, mostly edible plants, installed at the B.O.B., the Downtown Market contains an 800 square foot living wall on the south and west walls, and the John Ball Zoo has a green wall on the rooftop of the chimpanzee house.

About The Rapid

The Rapid ( provided over 12.5 million rides last year, a new record in public transportation trips in the greater Grand Rapids area.

B.O.B. Chefs Plant Food; Downtown Grand Rapids, on Wall

May 30, 2014
May 30, 2014

Remember the “Back to Eden” 2013 ArtPrize entry (which finished in the top 25)?  That wall, or rather LiveWall®, has been transformed into an immense vertical urban farm, where 1000’s of herbs and vegetables are growing for use at the restaurants within the B.O.B. (Big Old Building).

Gilmore Group Chefs help to plant the living wall system at the B.O.B.

Gilmore Group Chefs help to plant the living wall system at the B.O.B.

“During ArtPrize, I used about 1,500 plants, mostly annuals, as I wanted lots of color,” sated Dave MacKenzie, horticulturalist and inventor of the LiveWall system.  “After a few hard frosts last fall, the annuals were replaced with perennials for winter.  Half of those, the ones on the shady side of the building, will remain until ArtPrize this year (MacKenzie is planning another ArtPrize entry).  Those others, on the sunny side, have been removed and replaced with herbs and vegetables.”

“I’m excited about this,” added Greg Gilmore, partner in the B.O.B. “We expect the LiveWall to produce an ounce of herbs per square foot per week (there are about 500 square feet of herbs), and a whole lot of peppers and tomatoes.  We will also have some leafy greens and some carrots, which is pretty amazing.  The face of the wall is about 700 square feet total, and we’re expecting a bumper crop that our chefs will use for making seasonings, dressings, salad and garnishes.  It’s going to be interesting, and it’s possible that we’ll produce more than we can use.  If that’s the case, we have some charitable organizations in mind for sharing of any extra produce.

LiveWall Herbs

The B.O.B.’s chefs are excited as well.  And, they were happy to help with the planting.  Head chef Jared Miller is no stranger to gardening, and has been exposed to it at some of the Gilmore Collections’ other restaurants.  “But, this is the first time we’re growing produce on a wall, and the first time we’re doing it in an urban setting.  We use a lot of herbs, a whole lot of peppers and tomatoes, and we always have to watch our budget and look after flavor and freshness.  This wall planting takes into account all of that, and at the same time adds greenery and artistry to the facility and to downtown. We’re all very excited about this.”

The B.O.B. will begin using the herbs right away, and the peppers and tomatoes and some of the other vegetable items will come later in the growing season.  The LiveWall is located on the north side of the B.O.B., and is easily accessible.  To learn more visit  To see video of the planting check out ABC affiliate WZZMs coverage of the event.