Longest living wall in Grand Rapids, MI inspires those on their daily commute!

Instead of the traditional concrete and steel that is part and parcel of conventional architecture, a bright and colorful array of plants adorns the outer wall of the Amway Grand Plaza, Curio Collection by Hilton, which boasts being the longest continuous living wall in Western Michigan.

Living walls are outdoor (or indoor) walls covered in plants, which can take many forms, from pockets of soil, to wire facades, to — in this particular instance, a wall of interconnected planter boxes that forms the LiveWall planted system. Living walls are becoming increasingly popular, and can provide a variety of aesthetic and functional benefits, such as air purification, sound dampening, habitat for small animals, and even serve as a beautiful backdrop for photos and videos!

The Amway Grand Plaza installed their wall this spring as a way to beautify their new addition. From spring until late fall, the wall was lush with lime greens, pinks, and reds in a fanciful abstract pattern. During winter, the planters can be left empty, decorated with lights, or filled with wintertime greenery.

We often hear about the merits and joy that can come from living architecture, so I wanted to know firsthand: Does a living wall truly brighten up people’s days? Click HERE to read the whole story and find out!

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