Side Irrigation Feed

  • Less Expensive

  • Easier to install

  • Thinner profile

  • Requires 8″ or 16″ wide facing treatment at one or more ends of the installation.


Consider making a hinged facing material over irrigation feed lines for ease of future access for inspection and maintenance.

Diagram of LiveWall's side-feed irrigation system.
A side-fed LiveWall before installing the facing material to hide the irrigation system.

Facing material not yet installed

A green wall with facing material on both sides to conceal the side-feed irrigation.

Rear Irrigation Feed

  • Wall-to-wall coverage

  • May eliminate need for a side treatment (facing material)

  • More expensive

  • Takes more time to install

  • Deeper profile


May require side treatment depending on site conditions and desired aesthetic. On new construction, consider recessed walls to reduce the living wall profile. For the plants to be flush with the adjacent wall surface, recess green wall area by 11 inches with Standard-sized planters and 13 inches for Large-sized planters. To conceal the thicker furring strips only, recess green wall area 5 inches.