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Envision an Eden-like future in which buildings, homes, bridges, parking lots and roadways are clothed in greenery–where plants play a vital role in the ecological health of the planet.  The plants of Back to Eden helped to clean the air, sequester carbon, purify water, feed birds and butterflies, and add organic beauty to a brick and mortar world.  Back to Eden was a multidimensional visual expression of horticulture.  It was a living abstract painting, using plants as the paint, and the LiveWall growing system as the canvas.

At over 1400 square feet, the living wall created a bold striking statement, and up close, the plants foliage and flowers softened the piece and added fine texture.

Back to Eden was featured during ArtPrize 2013 at the B.O.B.  (Big Old Building).  ArtPrize, the world’s largest art competition, ran from September 18 to October 6, 2014.  Voting opened at noon on Wednesday, September 18.

This LiveWall living wall measured 11 feet tall by 130 feet long, and was composed of 2500 plants,
with about 60 different varieties of annuals, perennials, herbs, vegetables and tropical plants.
The structure took about 2½ weeks to build and planting took another week.

This structure was supported on posts, and consists of a series of aluminum rails called RainRails, which held the planter inserts, which held the soil and plants. To build it, they first installed the horizontal RainRails, then place the WallTers (wall planters). Water was supplied by mist nozzles, and the water ran through the RainRails, which are hollow and conduct the irrigation water.

Believe it or not, the wall was supplied by a single garden hose, which fead the various irrigation zones. Each zone ran for two minutes each day, around 10AM. It took only 20 minutes to water the entire structure as the system cycled from zone to zone.