Project Description

Outdoor Living Wall Greens Up the New Central Substation, Enhances the Landscape in Lansing, Michigan’s Historic REO Town

To green up the brick walls, a 425-square-foot living wall was installed in two sections on the north and west sections of the new Central Substation with the LiveWall ® Outdoor Living Wall System. “We intended the living wall to provide a green focal point and soften the view of the Central Substation’s brick façade, which people see as they approach or exit downtown,” said Ford. “It also helps fulfill the Board of Power & Light’s goal of greening the landscape.”

The horticultural experts at LiveWall devised several alternative plant palettes and designs for the living wall. They accounted for the different patterns of sun and shade on the north and west walls. The selected plants grow to different heights, adding variation in dimension and depth. The green wall grows into a colorful, living sculpture that billows out and flows from the substation’s façade.