LiveWall® Indoor Living Wall Brings Beauty and Calm to the TSA Checkpoint at ATW

In 2018, Appleton International Airport (ATW), Appleton, Wisc., completed a multi-million renovation and reconstruction of 50,000 square feet of its commercial passenger terminal. Designed by Mead & Hunt, the project included expansion and enhancement of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoint. The new checkpoint features a three-sided, 276-square-foot green wall installed with the LiveWall® Indoor Living Wall System.

Completed in August 2018, the living wall at ATW covers three sides of a structural wall. In total, the wall includes 148 LiveWall modular planter boxes, which are high-impact, UV-resistant, architectural quality moldings. They contain re-usable inserts that hold the growing medium and contain a mix of five different indoor plants.