Hawaiian Sunshine Nursery, Inc. announced it has begun distributing LiveWall®, the planted wall system that transforms ordinary walls into vertical green landscapes. LiveWall is now available from Hawaiian Sunshine Nursery in the Hawaiian Islands.

“LiveWall provides a new option for adding the living beauty of greenery onto any building,” said David Fell, owner of Hawaiian Sunshine Nursery. “With unequaled versatility, LiveWall can create green walls planted with annuals, perennials, succulents, and tropical plants. It can even be used to turn a plain wall into an herb or vegetable garden.”

This innovative system which grows healthy plants is simple enough for do-it-yourself installations by homeowners or company employees. It can be custom designed to create unique wall installations on large commercial buildings or purchased as a smaller kit, with or without automatic irrigation. Living walls benefit owners by providing fresh produce, cooling the building, and enhancing the atmosphere for residents, employees and visitors.

LiveWall is engineered to be attractive, simple to install on most walls, easy to maintain and change, and healthy for plants. LiveWall is the result of four years of research and development by the same team of horticultural scientists, landscape professionals, architects, roofing specialists, and green building experts at Hortech who created LiveRoof®, the green roof system proven successful in more than 800 installations. LiveWall, like LiveRoof, makes horticultural sense. It gives plants what they need in growing conditions modeled after those found in the natural landscape.

“We developed LiveWall in much the same way we developed LiveRoof. After extensive evaluation of existing planted wall systems, we engineered LiveWall to surpass them,” said Dave MacKenzie, horticulturalist and president of Hortech, Inc., Spring Lake, Michigan. “As a licensed regional representative, Hawaiian Sunshine Nursery, Inc. brings its local horticultural expertise to every LiveWall project in Hawaii.

“We provide complete pre-installation consultation and on-site technical support to ensure success,” said David Fell. “Just as with LiveRoof, we help choose the right plants for each LiveWall project. Hawaiian Sunshine Nursery, Inc. delivers the module inserts full of locally grown plants that are mature and flourishing for instant results and lasting beauty.”

About Hawaiian Sunshine Nursery, Inc.
Hawaiian Sunshine Nursery, Inc. (www.hawaiinursery.com) is a family owned and operated nursery specializing in bromeliads and other tropical plants. Originally established in 1978, Hawaiian Sunshine Nursery has over 25 acres under cultivation at multiple locations. As part of their commitment to quality, Hawaiian Sunshine Nursery is constantly improving its facilities and researching better propagation and cultivation methods. Their dedicated staff of growers and horticulturists provide the individual attention needed to ensure that each plant sold is healthy and of the best quality. For more information call 1-800-424-2053.

About LiveWall®
Designed with a healthy regard for plants, LiveWall® (www.livewall.com) is the planted wall system that achieves simplicity and sustainability in harmony with nature. LiveWall is the result of four years of R&D by the professionals who created LiveRoof®, the superior green roof system. LiveWall supports plants as nature intended — roots growing down, stems and leaves growing up. With unsurpassed versatility to grow a diversity of plant types, LiveWall transforms ordinary walls into inspiring vertical landscapes. LiveWall is simple, effective and attractive. The system’s WallTer® planter modules slide into the revolutionary RainRail® mounting tracks, which secure them in place and provide integrated mist irrigation. Just as with LiveRoof, licensed regional growers customize plant selection for every LiveWall project. They deliver the module inserts abundantly vegetated with locally cultivated plants that are full-grown and thriving for immediate success and enduring beauty. For more information, call 877-554-4013.