LiveWall Installation Creates a Living Wall that Introduces Visitors to Applied Imaging’s Values and Culture.

Applied Imaging (Applied Innovation since 2022) in Grand Rapids, Michigan, installed a 198-square-foot LiveWall® Living Wall as the main design element in the lobby of its new corporate headquarters at 5555 Glenwood Hills Parkway Southeast in Grand Rapids. Applied Imaging is the Midwest’s premier, independently owned provider of document imaging technology and managed IT and network services. LiveWall is the developer and supplier of the green industry’s most sustainable, durable and low-maintenance living wall system.

“The green wall makes our lobby more welcoming and more interesting. It brings our values to life and invites conversation about who we are as a company, how we work with each other, and how we do business with our customers.”

Laura Katsul, office manager, Applied Imaging
Applied Imaging has a green wall in its new corporate office lobby.

When customers visit Applied Imaging, they are looking for solutions — solutions for digitally managing documents and printing, solutions for managing IT systems and networks. As they enter the company’s offices, what they see first is a lively introduction to the company’s values and corporate culture: a living wall that displays the company’s essential “chemical” elements of success.  The plants are interspersed with colorful signs displaying the elements for success (for example, “Kn” for knowledge, “In” for integrity, “Hm” for humility). A printed mural near the living wall presents and defines all the elements.

The 198-square-foot living wall is 9 feet tall and 22 feet long. In total, it includes 98 LiveWall large planters, which contain inserts that hold the growing medium and a mix of six different tropical plants, chosen for their ability to thrive indoors. The integrated irrigation components use drip stake assemblies, which inject water into the growing medium. The light fixtures above the green wall use LiveWall Norb® (Nutri-Orb) bulbs, a specialized white-light LED grow bulb that provides the light spectrum and light nutrition plants need while giving off a white light like regular indoor lighting.

“Views of light and living plants meet our innate need to connect with nature. They contribute to reduced stress and increased productivity,” said Dave MacKenzie, president of LiveWall.  “In addition, living walls, also known as green walls, make interior spaces more appealing and relaxing and improve indoor air quality.”

“Originally, the wall behind the reception desk at Applied Imaging was going to be a display of monitors, a typical technology display for a tech company,” said Jan Beerthuis, site superintendent, Rockford Construction (Grand Rapids, Mich.), the construction and real estate development company that renovated the building on Glenwood Hills Parkway for Applied Imaging. “John Lowery, Applied Imaging’s president, is an innovative business leader. He wanted to go with a green feature, and the living wall turned out to be very distinctive.”

A video featuring a LiveWall constructed in Applied Imaging's new corporate office.
Green Wall at Applied Imaging reduces noise and welcomes visitors to corporate office.

Applied Imaging

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