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LiveWall: Vertical Gardens That Thrive on Walls

Welcome to LiveWall®, designers of the world’s most sustainable, durable, low maintenance living wall system. You may have arrived here because of your interest in reducing stress, improving mental health, reducing employee sick days or demonstrating your commitment to sustainability. You may be seeking living art for the walls. You may be an architect, landscape designer or contractor pursuing the fast-growing market demand for “vertical gardens,” “green walls,“ “plants on wall” or simply “living walls.” Or you may have seen a beautiful flowering vertical garden and want to know how easy it is to install your own.

We’ve worked hard to be the best, and our claim rests on the tested beauty, sustainability, durability, easy installation and low maintenance of our living wall designs. But please visit our pages according to your interests and decide for yourself.

Whether you are a do-it-yourself gardener, master gardener or professional architect, interior designer or landscape designer, LiveWall is proud to have demonstrated its performance as the world’s best provider of flexible, modular living wall systems that can be installed on virtually any outdoor surface and on most indoor walls of any home or workplace. Simply stated, we produce gardens that thrive on walls.

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