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What can I plant in my green wall?

High performance living walls require more than just sound product design – careful attention must be paid to plant selection and pairing.  Our team has developed and is continually expanding LiveWall Plant Design Guides, which make recommendations for indoor and outdoor living walls based on climate, lighting, moisture requirements, and growth habit.

Wedding Party at Perennial Living WallLiveWall recommends the hardiest perennials for serene, beautiful, and long-lived vertical gardens.

Plant guides suggest companion selections for perennial, annual, succulent, tropical, and edible vertical garden plants.  LiveWall owners will be thrilled with their planting design by sticking to the golden rules listed in the introduction to each catalog of green wall plants.  Call us at 877-554-4065 for the latest copy or email

Bands of annuals in green wall

Annuals provide bright colors and great flexibility to reinvent living walls annually or seasonally.

How were the living wall plant design guides developed?

We have dozens of trial living walls at our facilities and nearby public sites.  In these trial walls, we test plants for both indoor and outdoor performance and hardiness.  We are constantly trialing up to hundreds of different plant selections at a given time, and require that plants be of sufficient size, hardiness, and low maintenance to thrive in our green wall system.

Succulent plants grow in green wall

Shallow rooting succulents thrive in living walls for the longest time and using the least amount of water.

In addition to these trials in our temperate climate, we have set up trials in the United Arab Emirates to evaluate performance of desert-friendly green wall plants.  Learn more about our commitment to research on our About Us page.

 Growing food is easy in the LiveWall SystemHarvest fresh vegetables, fruits, greens and herbs from your LiveWall system.

How do I plant my living wall?

For more information on soil selection and planting your living wall, see our Green Wall Planting Instructions page.

Indoor tropical living wall.

Tropical plants thrive year-round in the LiveWall Indoor living wall system.




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