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Where would you put a green wall?  Our staff designers have put together the following Idea Garden to inspire you.  Simply click on the title of one of the entries below to browse through the idea details.

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Make a statement that screams “I’m green!” Living walls that extend ground to roof create a dramatic green display that’s hard to match.  The LiveWall system design makes it easy to incorporate colorful annuals into your design that can be completely reinvented each spring with entirely new color palettes.  The unique removable WallTer inserts can […]

Parking structures can benefit from the organic beauty and natural cooling of green walls. Concrete pillars can come to life with columns of living wall plants which help to shade the structure and provide a more pleasant experience for visitors and neighbors.

Living Walls can be installed onto existing fences or can be the framework of a fence.  To build a LiveWall Fence, mount onto 4×6 pressure treated posts that are sunken 2′ into the ground and secured with concrete.

Green Walls in the classroom provide a unique learning experience and improve indoor air quality.

Add a living wall of air-purifying house plants as accents in your kitchen for a pleasant cooking experience.  If sufficient light is available from well lit windows, some herbs and low light requiring produce may be happy in the system.

Create stunning restaurant patios that are as functional as they are beautiful.  Grow fresh herbs for use in the kitchen on lower levels and grow showy, colorful flowers and foliage plants on upper levels.  LiveWall is easy to plant, so the plants can be rearranged or replaced at will, creating a fresh look with minimal […]

Whether the occupants are waiting for their own appointments or to hear news of loved ones, waiting rooms are typically filled with stressed, concerned individuals.  Introducing plants into these environments helps to calm and soothe patients, friends and families.  Consider adding a living work of art in the form of a green wall for low […]

For a unique twist on window shutters, consider columns of living wall planters.  The plants will help to cool the building and could be used to grow produce that  can be harvested by simply reaching out the window.

The only thing more pleasant than a walk in the park might be a rest on a park bench.  Keep park benches cool and beautiful by greening the bench backs with green wall planters.  In community gardens, consider planting park benches with edibles such as herbs and vegetables which can be easily harvested with minimal […]

Transform your conference room into an environment that fosters collaboration and team work.  The LiveWall system will enhance creativity for building occupants while maximizing functional space of the room.

The LiveWall system will allow you to turn your break room into a green oasis in the hustle and bustle of the daily routine.  Your break room will create more relaxed and creative building occupants.

Put your best foot forward.  Show visitors your commitment to sustainability as they walk through the door.

The sound dampening qualities of the LiveWall system can block out the whir of the city.  Make your restaurant an intimate dining destination.