KVCC Outdoor Living Wall

The Culinary and Allied Health Building on the Bronson Healthy Living Campus of Kalamazoo Community College (KVCC) in Michigan includes a 30-foot high green wall on its front, east-facing façade.  The living wall stands out as a signature statement of commitment to sustainability while fitting seamlessly into the building and its surrounding landscape.

The overall design goal for the KVCC Bronson Healthy Living Campus is to express and promote health, sustainable food, the environment, and community.  The LiveWall system was selected for the project because it is engineered with thoughtful consideration to both the structural and horticultural elements of a green wall.

The KVCC green wall includes 285 LiveWall planter modules. The system’s extruded aluminum rails and planter-mounting tracks were installed within a two-foot deep niche designed into the façade as a frame for the green wall. Five hundred plants grow in the planter modules.

Thirty foot tall green wall at Kalamazoo Valley Community College.
Green Wall on the culinary arts building at Kalamazoo Valley Community College.