Chicago Area Residential Outdoor Living Wall Trio by Chalet Floral

This private residence has been featured in Modern Luxury Interiors Chicago for its stunning landscape design.

One key tenant of its curb appeal is the set of three framed green walls which change seasonally under care of Chalet Nursery, the green wall installer, plant supplier, and maintenance contractor.

Up to 4 plant arrangements are featured each year to complement the seasons.  The LiveWall system was selected in part because of how easy it is to have an evolving artpiece.  LiveWall uses removable planter inserts which allow the nursery to select and plant each palette ahead of time, so they simply need to be swapped at that site, taking up very little of the client’s time to make the change while allowing for instant gratification.

Undoubtedly, however, the green wall on the north side of the garage is the true head-turner.  It’s “the only one of this style on a private residence in Illinois.  It was designed as a piece of living art,” explains landscape architect Eleanor Brandt.

Read the entire story in the Spring 2018 issue of Modern Luxury Interiors Chicago.