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LiveWall® allows you to create living wall art with sustainable vertical gardens that thrive indoors or outdoors

Our living wall systems are designed by horticulturists and materials experts to grow healthy plants and mount securely on building structures.  All components—from the WallTer® wall-planters and RainRail® irrigation to the VertiRail® furring strips—are integrated and designed to promote physical health, long life and dependable sustainability.

LiveWall has supplied green walls to industry leaders in business services, entertainment, education, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, retail and senior care.  LiveWall systems are featured at facilities of Cedar Fair, Disney, Kaiser Permanente, NBCUniversal, Peets Coffee, Sharp Healthcare, Spectrum Health, University of California, Veterans Affairs, Westland Real Estate, and many more.

Ready to get started designing and installing a professional living wall?  Look no further – you’ve found the ultimate guide to successful living wall installations.  From design to installation to maintenance, we provide video and printed instruction to ensure each step of the project is a success.  Read on to find these guides, a customizable SketchUp model, specification writer and more…

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Best System on the Market

Designed by horticulturists to grow healthy plants on every row. Tested and proven to perform.

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Professional Design Support

Orders include wall component layout design services, and time-saving tools make specification simple and plant selection a success.

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Easy to Install and Own

Integrated components supported by professional guides simplifies installation and reduces maintenance costs.

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How Does the LiveWall System Work? It’s Simple.

LiveWall Functions Like Nature

The patented LiveWall system is the only green wall system that uses the unique RainRail® mounting system, WallTer® planting modules, and fully grown WallTer Inserts for TopSide® planting technology. This allows for horizontal soil orientation and naturally oriented vertical plant growth. By not forcing plants to grow sideways from an unnatural horizontal plane, LiveWall functions like nature, and this leads to long lived healthy plants and sustainable art for your walls.

Natural Beauty

Sustainable designs for green buildings, LiveWall WallTer wall planters are attractive in any season.  Our living wall products are offered in a multitude of colors to work with an almost endless combination of plant material.  A LiveWall system will draw attention to your project for the right reasons; year-round architectural interest, seasonal beauty of healthy plant materials, and a unique interface with the building’s own architecture.

LiveWall vs. Conventional Green Wall Systems

LiveWall System Other System
Modular Yes Sometimes
Removable Media Yes No
Natural Root Orientation Yes Angled
Natural Stem Orientation Yes Bent
Natural Soil Orientation Yes Sometimes
Co-Engineered Soil Yes No
Instantly Mature Yes Sometimes
Easy to Replant Yes Difficult to Impossible
Easy to Install Yes Variable to Difficult
Broad Plant Palette Yes Often Limited
Light Weight Yes Variable
Integrated Irrigation System Yes Sourced
Maximum LEED Points Yes Variable
Support Staff Yes Variable
Reasonable Installed Cost Yes Variable
Predictable Maintenance Cost Yes Variable
High Overall Value Yes Variable
Looks Nice Out-of-Season Yes No
Available in Designer Colors Yes No

Owner Testimonial

“Our LiveWall is something that is good for the earth and builds toward our sustainability goals.  Using the freshest possible ingredients is a selling point for us and you can’t really get any cooler than a living wall.”

– Rick Muschiana, Owner and founder, Sovengard Restaurant