LiveWall, LLC is pleased to announce the introduction of the Norb® (Nutri-Orb) light bulb specifically developed to grow plants indoors while saving energy and giving off a white appearance.

Lighting for indoor living walls must be white in appearance to the human eye, while providing the proper spectrum to support plant growth. It also must be adjustable to illuminate the wall surface evenly and should be energy efficient to support overall sustainability of the green wall installation. Norb® by LiveWall meets all of these indoor vertical garden lighting needs.

A woman admires a green living wall illuminated by a LiveWall Norb LED light.

Our team trialed different light sources of varying intensities and spectrums over a 3 year period before identifying the ideal light source to support plant growth while conserving energy use.

We found that, in respect to the light source (bulb), the key considerations are proper light spectrum and light intensity. Plants tend to respond to blue and red wavelengths and in proportion that is not available from incandescent or typical office-type LED lights.  We found that the LED grow lights available on the market primarily were composed of red and blue diodes and supported healthy plants.  However, they cast a purple light which looks odd, unnatural and unattractive. Most LED grow light options were also difficult to find in fixtures that would allow for lighting of a vertical surface.

Light fixtures should be adjustable, for direction, and are typically located in front of the living wall and attached to or suspended from the ceiling. On tall green walls, lights may be placed at the bottom or sides of green wall structures.  This creates light proximity to the plants and thereby provides sufficient light intensity across the entire wall surface. Often times, track lighting is used as it is contemporary, adjustable, comes with many fixture options, and is relatively inexpensive.

Norb Nutri-Orb Botanic Grow Light by LiveWall

For this reason, LiveWall LLC developed the Norb® (Nutri-Orb) bulb, a specialized White-Light LED grow bulb that provides the right spectrum for growing plants. With Norb® bulbs, the plants can be healthy and “look right under white.”  Norb® is warranted by LiveWall, LLC for 3 years.  When running at the recommended 14 hours per day, we expect this light to last up to 7 years.

For more information on lighting requirements and specifications on the Norb® bulb, please visit the Lighting section of our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.