//Summertime — Time to Enjoy the Outdoors Downtown at The B.O.B.

Summertime — Time to Enjoy the Outdoors Downtown at The B.O.B.

LiveWall® Green Wall Enlivens the Atmosphere of the Sky Patio and Freshens up the Menu at Bobarino’s Restaurant

The pages of the calendar have turned to summer. It is time to get out and enjoy the outdoors, right here in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids. Where exactly? Out on the Sky Patio at The B.O.B., 20 Monroe Avenue NW. Easily accessible through Bobarino’s on the second floor, the Sky Patio features a double-sided green wall that surrounds guests with greenery and provides fresh ingredients for the food they enjoy.

Outside LiveWall at the B.O.B.

Enhanced Ambiance

According to Greg Gilmore, chief executive officer of the Gilmore Collection, addition of the green wall transformed the ambiance of the Sky Patio. The green wall adds natural beauty and dampens traffic sounds, making the patio more pleasant and relaxing.

“Our living wall on the Sky Patio is a vivid symbol of our commitment to sustainability and support of the local environments where our restaurants are located,” said Alice Jasper, director of sustainability, The Gilmore Collection. “It greens up the exterior and interior of the rooftop patio, contributing to the beautification of downtown and making the patio more inviting from the street below.”

Green Wall Construction

The green wall was constructed in August 2015 with the LiveWall® system from LiveWall, LLC, the green wall subsidiary of Hortech, Inc., Spring Lake, Mich. the double-sided green wall totals 608 square feet. The three exterior sections (48 inches in height) are attached to the outside of the fencing that surrounds the patio. Facing out to the street, these sections frame the Sky Patio on three sides with flowering annuals and perennials. There are five interior sections (45.5 inches in height), three on the inside of the perimeter fence, two on the back wall of the building. In addition to flowers, the interior sections include vegetables and herbs used in the kitchen.

Green Wall on the Sky Deck at Bobarino's in Downtown Grand Rapids Michigan

Local Food Sourcing

“Local sourcing of ingredients is one of our main sustainable hospitality practices,” said Barbie Smith, The Gilmore Collection’s gardener. “With the green wall at the B.O.B. and the gardens at our other restaurants, we grow ingredients right near the kitchens where your food is prepared. You cannot get much more local than that.”

“The green wall is a vertical garden with a variety of edibles. What chef wouldn’t want a garden with fresh herbs and produce right in their restaurant?” said Mick Rickerd, chef at Bobarino’s. “We utilize the herbs in all our everyday dishes and the vegetables in daily features. Our mixology team incorporates fresh basil, mint, lemongrass and thyme into special summer cocktails.”

This year, in addition to the herbs, the green wall is growing varieties of kale, Swiss chard and rainbow carrots. Call 616-356-2000 to find out what is in season. Better yet, head over to The B.O.B. to enjoy the greenery, colorful flowers, and menu items created using organically grown, sustainable produce that is so fresh it is grown right near your table.

Interior patio LiveWall at The B.O.B.

On “Meatless Mondays,” try a vegetarian special prepared with fresh ingredients from the living wall. This summer until September 9, 2016, enjoy 2 for 1 entrées during dinner hours Monday through Thursday. The B.O.B. also offers live music on the Sky Deck every Wednesday starting at 6:00 p.m.

The Gilmore Collection Restaurants

Locally owned and operated, The Gilmore Collection provides West Michigan with a variety of high quality restaurants, nightclubs, and entertainment venues. Gilmore Collection Restaurants retain a unique bond with the communities where they are located through historic architecture, great hospitality, creative culinary expertise and locally sourced products. The Gilmore Collection has developed a reputation for delivering tremendous food, beverage, entertainment, atmosphere, and hospitality at each of its locations. The company also owns Gilmore Catering — a full-service on- and off-site catering company, and is in the process of building a 2,400-seat music venue annex of The B.O.B., which is scheduled to open early 2017. You can follow Gilmore on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. For more information, visit www.thegilmorecollection.com.



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