First and foremost, LiveWall is designed by career horticultural professionals to grow healthy plants. From top to bottom, LiveWall’s vertical garden planters create a natural growing environment. We employ only our TopSide® technology, whereby the soil is oriented horizontally, unlike some competitors’ products, the plants grow upward from the top of the soil and the roots grow downward, as they do in nature. Likewise, with our unique RainRail™ mounting rail/irrigation conduits, the LiveWall System waters your plants naturally, like rain, but in evenly metered amounts along every tier of your living wall to sustain nutrient levels and plant health.

A living wall or vertical garden from LiveWall is unique in its simplicity, easy installation, and sustainability. Our WallTer® wall-planters are high-impact, UV resistant moldings, and the unique inserts make pre-growing and planting simple. The LiveWall plants are typically pre-grown for instant maturity, instant benefits, predictable maintenance, and low life-cycle costs.

Finally, a living wall from LiveWall is absolutely beautiful, and is attractive even when the plants are dormant. LiveWall can be used in both interior and exterior applications. It is effective for commercial, industrial, educational, governmental, and residential projects. Although beautiful and functional in suburban and rural installations, LiveWall is particularly suited for the urban dwelling environment and is scalable. Our vertical gardens work beautifully in the most intimate urban applications as well as large scale, multi-story commercial projects and, in either case, can be installed with great efficiency.

Design flexibility is enormous and ranges from the use of annual plants for colorful patterns and waves of flowers to long-lived succulents, perennials, herbs, and vegetables. To meet your requirements, LiveWall modules can arrive at the job site fully vegetated in WallTer Inserts. Maintenance is easy and replacement of the plants is quick and economical.