An important component to any vegetated wall design is to recognize that moisture from the inside of the building can come outward through the walls and needs venting to escape. For this reason, the building should not be wrapped in rubber or plastic, but with a breathable weather resistant barrier such as Tyvek.

Similarly, the living wall system itself must allow that air to escape from behind the planter array.  LiveWall includes furring strips which allow a minimum of 1.5″ gap between the building wall and the planters.  This is substantial room for air flow, evaporation, and escape of condensation.

The design of and selection of materials for moisture and mold-proofing should be performed by the project architect, engineer, or building envelope specialist.  LiveWall is happy to relay to you the common practices that we have observed.  Need help?  Please contact us at or call 877-554-4065.

Man on a platform installing LiveWall furring strips and RainRails on the side of a red brick building.