The LiveWall System requires an irrigation feed that is capable of providing sufficient water volume and pressure for each irrigation zone.  The backflow preventer should be hooked up to a feed line that is at least 25PSI, not to exceed 85 PSI.  Pressures over 85 PSI may damage fittings and lead to leaks.

Each valve requires 8-10 gpm per valve (zone), regulated to 15psi pressure, via pressure regulators that are placed upstream of each valve.  In some cases, a booster pump may be required to ensure that the upper valves receive sufficient pressure and flow to water the planter array evenly.

LiveWall quotes mainline irrigation components for each project, and this includes backflow prevention, irrigation controller, and a micron filter to keep any waterborne debris from plugging up the irrigation nozzles.  Installation contractors must source pipe and fittings to connect mainline to the irrigation valves.

LiveWall mainline irrigation hookup pressure and volume requirements.