When installing living walls indoors, water containment is critical:

  • The wall planters are rear-draining, and would include a rubber hose drain assembly to contain runoff water.
  • The indoor wall planters hold twice the soil volume as the standard outdoor wall planters to provide ample growing space for a wide selection of tropical plants.

In outdoor green wall applications, the designer has more options for planter size, drainage method and water delivery.

  • Large wall planters (recommended in hot climates and for holding larger perennials and grasses in cold climates) are available with a bottom drain or a rear drain option (when runoff water must be contained, such as over doorways or windows).  These are spaced 16″ on center vertically.
  • Standard wall planters have a bottom drain option, and are most commonly used with annuals, edibles, succulents, and a number of cold-winter hardy perennials.
  • Choice of spray nozzles (typically recommended for outdoors), or drip irrigation (when site is sensitive to runoff from the plants).