The recommended method for fertilizing LiveWall systems depends upon the water delivery method and whether a fertilizer injector was installed on the irrigation mainline:

A chart of LiveWall fertilization options based on watering method.
LiveWall recommends fertilizer injector for drip-watered living walls over 100 square feet in size.

Automatic Fertilization

LiveWall systems may be purchased with a fertilizer injector that is tied into the irrigation system.

The fertigation system injects a low dose of fertilizer each time your living wall is irrigated.

LiveWall supplies an organic liquid fertilizer concentrate that must be diluted prior to use.  For more information, download the injector operation and dilution instructions.

Granular controlled release fertilizer recommended for hand-watered green walls or those with spray irrigation.

Manual Slow Release Granular Fertilizer

Outdoor walls and hand-watered indoor walls may be fertilized once annually using a granular slow release fertilizer such as Scotts Osmocote®.

A single spring application is usually sufficient to feed plants through the growing season.  Shake one teaspoon of fertilizer evenly across the soil surface of each full-width, Standard sized wall planter.  Apply half as much for half-width Standard size planter and twice as much for Large planters.

Liquid fertilizer may be manually applied to LiveWall systems with any type of water delivery method.

Manual Liquid Fertilizer

Every 6 to 12 months, indoor or outdoor living walls which do not have automatic fertigation may be fed with a higher concentration of liquid feed.

Fertilizer may be applied manually according to the label directions using a watering can or a hose.

IMPORTANT: Do not use granular fertilizer for indoor walls with automatic irrigation. The granules require water to run over the surface to activate, and LiveWall indoor systems include drip stakes that inject water directly into the soil.

Application rates will vary with formulation.  In all cases, follow directions on package label.

All applications of fertilizer are the sole responsibility of the applicator.