Anything living requires maintenance, including LiveWall.  Due to the design of the LiveWall system, maintenance requirements will be simple and will vary with the type of plants that have been chosen.  LiveWall provides complete maintenance guides with suggestions for each category of plant.

Annual plants may not require much care at all. However, at the beginning of each year they will need to be replaced with new fully-grown annuals. Simply remove the living wall planter inserts from last year, and drop in the new preplanted inserts for the current year.  For more information, see our planting guide.

If perennial plants are used, they will be subject to the typical maintenance of ground level perennial plantings: removal of spent flower stalks, fertilization, and trimming stems and foliage if they become overgrown. If the plants are deciduous (i.e., they drop their leaves in fall), they will need to be pruned back to the soil level each spring before they break dormancy.  They will also typically require periodic wintertime watering during dry periods above freezing temperature.

Maintenance is Simple, Yet CRITICAL

The key to healthy living walls is short, frequent visits.   We recommend twice monthly inspections, and provide a monthly email with seasonally relevant instructions to all owners and contractors caring for a LiveWall brand system.  To receive these updates, submit your email in this form.