LiveWall is a soil-based living wall system that utilizes molded-planters, and the structures must be designed in the increments required to accommodate full planters:

Horizontal spacing:  16″ on center

Vertical Spacing: Large Planters (Indoors or Outdoors): 16″ on center, Standard Planters (Outdoors): 12″ on center

Typically, the only components that you would need to cut to fit are the furring strips and irrigation lines.  RainRail® irrigation conduit slot rails are manufactured in a variety of lengths divisible by 16 inches. Our design staff chooses appropriate RainRail lengths to eliminate field cutting.

In some cases, field conditions may not match the site plans provided to LiveWall and custom cutting may be required. In those cases, the rails must be cut to 16 inch increments.

When cutting irrigation conduit rails, do not use hack saw as it leaves rough burrs which will plug the irrigation nozzles. Instead use diamond blade on circular saw (We recommend the Slugger Metal Cutter by Jancy).  Carefully clean the cut end of all burs and debris to prevent clogged nozzles or damage to RainRail fitting o-rings.

LiveWall Planter Installation
LiveWall Outdoor Installation