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Almost Effortless • Automatic Watering • Healthy Plants • Proven Performance


The LiveWall® Difference

The LiveWall system is different from all other competitors’ living wall planter designs. The benefits to you include a better aesthetic presentation, instant vegetation, good air flow (behind the system), substantially lower maintenance, elimination of soil erosion, standardized installation procedures, expertly engineered soil and plant selections, sustained nutrient dispersal, choice of color, durable indefinite lasting components, and the pride and peace-of-mind in knowing the project will be successful. With these advantages, LiveWall represents the best value in green wall systems.  Contact a local LiveWall professional for a free quote.


The LiveWall System…

…is a hybrid of architectural design, engineering, and horticulture—bringing together the best of aesthetics, physical and functional attributes, and a biological environment for plant material to thrive. LiveWall applies horticultural know how, common sense and the latest technology to provide a unique, attractive, sustainable living wall, at a reasonable cost – all of this in a vertical garden design that can be mounted on outside walls to stand up to wind and driving rain.  LiveWall has also developed a system specifically for use inside buildings. LiveWall Indoor is a drip-free, water-efficient living wall which addresses the unique needs of tropical plants.

LiveWall® is designed to…

…accommodate a broad range of plants; sun and shade loving perennials, annuals, vegetables, herbs, medicinal and tropical plants.  You will have gardens that grow on walls.

LiveWall® is…

  • Sustainable.
  • Easy to plant.
  • Easy to reinvent seasonally with different species.
  • Available fully grown for virtually guaranteed success.
  • Effective in all climates, and for indoor applications.
  • Attractive even during the dormant season.
  • Easy to design.
  • Easy to install.
  • Easy to water, fertilize and maintain.

LiveWall allows for…

  • Unrestricted design creativity.
  • No soil erosion.
  • Sustainable nutrient dispersal
  • Good Air-flow, behind the system
  • Optimum LEED points.


“LiveWall is logical. It parallels nature. LiveWall is simple, effective, and attractive.”

LiveWall® Functions Like Nature

The patent pending LiveWall® system is the only green wall system that uses the unique RainiRail® mounting system, WallTer® planting modules, and fully grown WallTer Inserts for topside® planting technology. This allows for horizontal soil orientation and naturally oriented vertical plant growth. By not forcing plants to grow sideways from an unnatural horizontal plane, LiveWall functions like nature, and this leads to long lived healthy plants and sustainable art for your walls.

Natural Beauty

Sustainable designs for green homes and green buildings, LiveWall WallTer wall planters are attractive in any season.  Our living wall products are offered in six colors to work with an almost endless combination of plant material.  A LiveWall system will draw attention to your project for the right reasons; year-round architectural interest, seasonal beauty of healthy plant materials, and a unique interface with the building’s own architecture.

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The VertiRails provide a level surface upon which to mount the living wall, and they allow for air to circulate between the living wall and the building, which prevents moisture build-up.

Attach GutterRail. Then, using GapTools, space and attach RainRails.

Hook up the irrigation feed to the RainRails with LiveWall SlipFit and LightBlock fittings. Then, test irrigation.

Attach HideAway irrigation chase concealment brackets.

Install facing material onto HideAway brackets.

Insert WallTer wall planter modules into RainRails and affix with set screws.

Drop in pre-vegetated WallTer inserts for instant visual and functional benefits.

Water new plants thoroughly, set controller to run 1 to 2 minutes per day, and enjoy!