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Create stunning living murals with LiveWall® Indoor, the green wall system which provides a healthy growing environment for plants on virtually any interior wall surface.  Building owners construct indoor living walls because they purify the air, reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs), humidify the air, and promote healthier, happier residents, customers and employees.

People surrounded by green wall plants experience improved mental and physical health, feel more content and relaxed, and are more creative.  Improved indoor air quality and exposure to plants in the work environment also benefits employers as staff take fewer sick days.

Even small living walls can make a big impact indoors.

Even small living walls can make a big impact indoors.

Why develop an interior specific vertical gardening system?

The LiveWall Outdoor system, which grows healthy plants, is designed to provide rain-like irrigation which is delivered by precisely metered spray nozzles.  Indoors, water containment is critical.    Therefore, the innovative team which developed the LiveWall outdoor green wall system revisited the drawing board to develop this new, drip free living wall system which provides the same high quality, architectural grade materials and healthy growing environment for plants.  Vertical gardens of tropical plants are now easy to design, install and maintain with LiveWall Indoor.

How is the indoor version of LiveWall different from the outdoor version?

The LiveWall Indoor system is watered by drip emitters instead of the mist nozzles used outdoors, and the WallTer wall planters have a rear drain which completely contains water used in the system.  The green wall planters also contain twice the soil as the outdoor version, accommodating the larger root systems typical of tropical plants.  Due to the larger planter size, LiveWall Indoor is vertically spaced 16″ on center, whereas the outdoor version is 12″ on center.

What kinds of plants are used in the LiveWall Indoor system?

Tropical plants commonly used in interior plantscapes are best suited to use in our indoor living wall systems.  LiveWall has trialed hundreds of plants and compiled them into an Indoor Plant Design Guide.  Contact us at 877-554-4065 to request a copy.

Is supplemental lighting required with LiveWall?

Lighting is critical to the success of your living wall. In nearly every indoor application, supplemental lighting will be necessary to ensure the proper intensity and spectrum of plant growth. For more information, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Is there an Indoor Version of LiveScreen, the living wall system on wheels?

Yes, LiveScreen Indoor units are available and may be ordered with automatic irrigation or hand-watering.

Contact us to get started with your indoor living wall project – 877-554-4065.
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