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LiveWall was designed to be easy to maintain using simple steps and following sound horticultural practices.  Maintenance is easy, but critical and must be performed to ensure plant survival,

To take the guesswork out of caring for your vertical garden, LiveWall has developed guides for both indoor and outdoor living wall systems.   The maintenance protocols are simple, and guide caretakers through requirements for each year, season by season.  Remember, healthy living walls start out with the correct plant selections, so please contact us for the current list of recommended plants for your indoor or outdoor application.

We encourage you to keep a log of your green wall maintenance activities to better understand how fertilization, watering, pruning and other practices affect the performance of your living wall plants.

LiveWall Outdoor Maintenance Instructions

LiveWall Maintenance is simple, and because the systems are automatically watered, very easy. This guide provides detailed information, including temperature specific irrigation settings and seasonal instructions for all plant selections.

Download a PDF of the LiveWall Outdoor Maintenance Guide

Seasonal Irrigation Schedule

As seasons and temperatures change, please pay special attention to the irrigation chart developed for LiveWall systems (in the Outdoor Maintenance Guide).  It is important to apply the right amount of irrigation, as to duration and frequency, to sustain the plants; however, overwatering can lead to plant health issues.

Download a PDF of the LiveWall Outdoor Irrigation Schedule

LiveWall Indoor Maintenance Instructions

LiveWall Maintenance is simple, and because tropical plants used in controlled indoor climates require infrequent watering (typically every 5-7 days), the systems can effectively be hand-watered or automatically irrigated. This guide provides detailed information on watering, fertilization and other aspects of plant care.

Download a PDF of the LiveWall Indoor Maintenance Guide


Owner Testimonial

“Maintenance is no big deal. My advice for other restaurants who might be thinking about green walls but are hesitant about maintenance? Don’t worry, it’s not an issue  It’s easy.”

– Sam Abbas, Founder, Brome Burger

Free Maintenance Support

Contact us if you have questions about caring for your living wall. We also offer biweekly maintenance alerts to remind you of seasonal care needs and updates to the maintenance protocol based upon the current best practices. Sign up using the form at the right to get ongoing maintenance updates.