//Successful Green Wall Trial on Dubai Tower
Successful Green Wall Trial on Dubai Tower2019-01-04T15:22:28+00:00

Project Description

Our team worked with local contractors to trial a living wall installation in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  The living wall structure extended over 40-feet and included 60 total planters.  The system was installed with a rear-drain assembly and drip emitters to contain the water in the system, preventing runoff from disturbing workers on site.

The living wall installation remained installed during the hottest months of the year (June to September) when daily temperatures frequently exceed 37° C (100° F).  In October, the green wall was removed to finish the building exterior with decorative metal panels.

This installation proved the soil volume in these large planters, water delivery and drainage design allow for healthy plants to be sustained in desert climates.  Plant selections must be suited to the local climate and trail or grow upright to cover the molded planters.  If you’re working on a green wall project in a desert climates, please contact LiveWall for a plant design guide.

Plants thrived during the hottest months on this living wall trial in Dubai, UAE.