//Arches of Perennial Plants in Living Wall
Arches of Perennial Plants in Living Wall2018-08-17T17:12:31+00:00

Project Description

This cold-hardy selection of perennials was overwintered in Michigan in a south-facing vertical garden.  Periodically, the living wall required irrigation during the winter months when temperatures were above 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius).  This is to keep the perennials from drying out, which can undermine their ability to survive winter’s cold.

The dead brown growth of the green wall perennials were pruned in the spring after new growth started to appear.

These selections of Nepeta, Heuchera and Bergenia are great candidates for green walls in cold winter climates.  For more information, request a perennial plant design guide and read our FAQ post on overwintering perennials.

Project Details