//Coleus Green Wall planted in Tri-color Waves
Coleus Green Wall planted in Tri-color Waves2018-08-17T13:45:21+00:00

Project Description

An abundance of color and months of beautiful foliage interest are easy to maintain with Coleus as an annual planting in the LiveWall system.  The green wall system’s removable planter inserts make it easy to start the plants in a greenhouse and place mature plants in the spring.

In this application, a wave pattern is formed with red, green and dark purple varieties.  Choose tall varieties that have a robust growth habit, such as ‘Inferno’, ‘Vino’, or ‘Wasabi.’  Coleus blooms late summer with purplish blue flower spikes.  To keep foliage looking its best later into fall, pinch the spikes as they are budding.

Project Details