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Green walls offer many benefits.

Living walls go beyond any other siding or wall treatment option when it comes to the multitude of benefits they provide to those who own, work and live among them.  Green walls are beautiful, create habitat, promote health and well being, attract customers and can even provide sustenance.  To learn more about how to optimize the benefits of your living wall application, contact us at 877-554-4065.

Experience The Power of Biophilia

Our innate need to connect with nature is known as biophilia.  This is the driving force behind our boost in mood, sharper focus, and stronger immune system when we are exposed to natural environments.  Living walls are a great way to trigger the biophilic response and improve our overall well-being.  Spend a few minutes watching these videos to give yourself a small digital dose of biophilia.

Tropical Living Wall at Grand Rapids Downtown Market

Healthy Interiors

Green walls improve indoor air quality.

Increased oxygen

Plants naturally infuse the air with oxygen and reduce carbon dioxide levels for overall improved quality. Plant leaves can remove traces of toxic chemicals such as carbon monoxide and formaldehyde.

Natural humidity

Through the natural process of evapotranspiration, your living wall plants also release water vapor that cools the air in summer and restores healthful moisture to heated spaces in winter.

Reduced particulates

The net effect may be a reduction of allergies from particulate reduction and improved resistance to cold, flu and itchiness thanks to hydrating the membranes and tissues of the nose, mouth, ears and eyes.

Woman admiring outdoor living wall.

Stunning Signage

Planted walls are inspiring mega-marketing tools.

Demonstrate stewardship

A living wall tells customers, residents, employees or neighbors that you care about your community, your health, and the ecosystem.

Paint with plants

Artistic expression comes to life with LiveWall living gardens, where there is no limit to the creative possibilities. Transform your building wall into a living canvas with a broad palette of plants.

Living Art

Living signage

Living walls are colorful, fragrant, and striking. As living signage, they are very powerful marketing tools.

Girl enjoys flower plucked from planted wall.

Restore and Conserve

Vertical Gardens promote healthy environments.

Restore Habitat

Plants and soil help recreate habitat for butterflies, insects and songbirds.

Save Energy

When used outdoors, the evapotranspirative effects of living wall plants and the growing medium can reduce HVAC costs during hot weather.

Protect Building

Plants and soil protect building walls from UV radiation, temperature fluctuations, and high winds.

Wall garden at bus stop

Social Health

Garden walls contribute to healthy communities.

Reduce Heat Islands

Green wall vegetation provided by a vertical garden helps cool the air, slow air movement, and acts as a substrate for pollution to settle out and detoxify.

Green Space Compliance

Green walls may qualify for credits associated with green/open space in many municipal zoning ordinances; often equating to time and money savings in the zoning process or financial rewards from tax credits and other incentives.

LiveWall and LEED

Community Health

Living walls as part of green communities increase sense of pride and place, levels of trust, and civic participation. These communities see less violence, aggression, vandalism and littering.

Wall garden surrounding HVAC and dumpsters.

Installer Testimonial

“Green walls represent a refreshing, contemporary approach to featuring plants in indoor environments. Plants soften the tone of the store and add color. The living, growing plants on the wall change all the time, creating and sustaining visual interest. They are becoming more popular, and we see increasing interest in and demand for green walls”

- Sheldon Cohen, President, Green Interior Plants Solutions

Expand Usefulness

Living walls can be used to mask the sight, sound and smell of equipment and utilities.

Hide Equipment

Living walls are an attractive organic alternative to traditional two-dimensional architectural siding treatments. Enclosing equipment and utilities with plant walls converts eyesores to beautiful points of interest.

Reduce Noise

Plants, soil and air trapped in the soil are acoustic insulators. Green walls dampen and reduce noise, which is of great benefit to occupants of buildings affected by airports, industry, trains and traffic.

Improve odors

When used to surround recycling and waste dumpsters, living walls help not only to improve the appearance but also the smell of areas adjacent to these utilities.

Indoor living wall in an office building planted with pothos.

Boost Productivity

Living walls enhance employee performance, attendance and retention.

Better Attendance

Workplaces which incorporate biophilic design elements such as access to nature have reduced absenteeism, fewer complaints, and improved staff retention.

Improved Focus

Providing access to nature in the workplace can reduce eyestrain, relieve mental fatigue, and improve focus on tasks.

Recommended: The Economics of Biophilia

Increased Output

Integrating plants into workplaces yields productivity gains and reduced psychological stress.

Nurse at heart clinic smiles in front of outdoor heart-shaped plantings in vertical garden.

Healing Power

Green walls are therapeutic elements for healthcare and rehab spaces.

Recover Faster

Patients who physically interact with plants use less medication and experience significantly reduced recovery times after medical procedures.

Enhance Experience

Using plants and planted walls in healthcare enhances the experience of patients, visitors and staff, who report greater satisfaction and positive feelings in the presence of nature.


Wheelchair Accessible

Mobile healing gardens also are possible with LiveScreen, which can be easily moved to allow greater patient access to therapeutic gardening exercises.

Green walls on this rooftop patio enhance dining experience.

Boost Profits

Strategically situated plants bring big bottom line benefits.

Higher Rents

Living walls can be used to improve the view in leased space, translating into more dollars guests or tenants are willing to spend.

Attract Customers

Shoppers stay in stores longer and visit more frequently when plants are heavily prevalent inside and outside retail settings.

Stronger Sales

Consumers purchase more merchandise and are willing to pay higher prices for goods when surrounded by nature!

Green walls strengthen education

Enhance Education

Living walls provide access to nature inside and outside of the classroom.

Enhance Performance

Student exposure to nature has been correlated with higher academic performance in Math and English.

Improve Focus

Studies have also demonstrated that exposure to nature eases symptoms of ADHD.

Teach Stewardship

Students who are engaged with the planting and maintenance of living walls learn about the vital role of plants in air quality, climate control, and food production.

Herbs and vegetables growing in green wall


Vertical gardens provide affordable locally-grown produce.

Healthy Food

When used to grow herbs and vegetables, produce from a living wall provides supplemental food that is healthy for the body and the environment.

Dietary Improvements

Children—and adults—who are involved in the process of growing their own food are more likely to have healthier diets.

Growing Food in Vertical Gardens

Excellent Yields

An exterior living wall planted with edibles and receiving direct sunlight can produce abundant yields, approximately 1 ounce per square foot per week of greens and herbs.

Green wall planted with brightly colored pattern of Sunpatiens.

Good Moods

Plants have been proven to positively affect mood, perception, feelings and creativity.

Infuse Warmth

Colors such as red, orange and yellow evoke feelings of warmth and comfort.

Instill Calm

A palette of pastels helps create a sense of calm. Blue, purple and green are known to be both calming and refreshing.

Stimulate Excitement

Sweeps of strongly contrasting colors stimulate energy and feelings of excitement.

For more details on the benefits of nature in the built environment, we recommend reading The Economics of Biophilia by Terrapin Bright Green, a group of environmental consultants developing innovative solutions to improve environmental and financial performance of their clients’ projects.