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Using green walls to create living art has far reaching effects on individuals and communities.  Displays like the examples below create dialog, cause us to reflect, facilitate healing, educate, inspire, serve as a means of expressions, foster learning and positive interactions, improve communities and even provide a source of entertainment.  Learning more about combining the positive effects of art and vegetation allows designers to implement living architecture to great effect.

Living Art is a Means of Expression

Girl surfing in front of living art

Living walls can serve as a means of expression, creating a unique space for people to express themselves in various ways.  Often times the green walls themselves can be used to express artistic vision however, they can also be used as a component of the artistic piece, as seen above.  This artist was inspired by the living wall to explore the possibility of earth and sea meeting in a whole new way.

Living Art Causes Reflection

Reflecting near green wall

As seen above, living art often creates an area for reflecting and introspection. Green walls reconnect us to the natural world while providing a calming area to reflect.  The sound deadening effect of vegetated walls blocks out the din of surrounding traffic, creating a soothing area to relax within the hustle and bustle of the urban environment.  Creating an urban oasis reduces stress levels and creates a more peaceful environment.

Living Art Fosters Learning

Friends enjoying living art

Students benefit from exposure to green walls by getting a first hand look at the role plants play in an ecosystem.  They will breathe in the fresh air created by green walls and see how they eliminate pollution.  They also see the life cycle of plants as the seasons change and the interaction between plants and pollinators.  This learning gives them a lifelong appreciation of the important role plants play in environmental protection and sustainability.

Living Art Inspires


By its nature, living art moves and adapts to the environment it occupies. Green walls react to available sunlight and grow to fill in available space.  This creates a dynamic work of art that is always evolving.  This ever changing nature creates a unique experience each time the art is viewed and fuels inspiration.

Living Art Fosters Positive Interaction

Youn girl in front of green wall

The natural allure of living art brings people together and fosters positive interactions.  Green walls creates calming areas of relaxation within cities.  By adding vegetation, cities can have a positive impact on the interactions between people, which ripples out beyond the city itself.

Living Art Improves Communities

Living art creator Dave MacKenzie

Studies show that communities with higher levels of vegetation enjoy lower rates of crime than cities that feature lower levels of vegetated coverage.  Adding green space via living art helps instill a sense of pride within the community.  Reduced levels of stress and anxiety as a result of exposure to vegetation encourage healthier communities.

Living Art Facilitates Healing

Young girl with bike near living art green wall

Hospitals and other medical facilities have been able to enhance patient experiences through incorporating healing gardens and living art.  Researchers studying biophilia have proven a link between exposure to vegetation and increases in patient outcomes.  These studies have also shown reduced recovery times for patients exposed to vegetation during the healing process.

Living Art Educates

Neon leaf shaped living art green wall

Reestablishing our connection with nature provides many opportunities to expand our understanding of plants and the natural world.  People will have a lifelong appreciation for the role plants play in purifying our air when they breathe in the fresh air produced by living wall displays. Seeing birds and pollinators make a home of living art displays teaches the vital role each organism plays in the health of the ecosystem.

Living Art Entertains

Living art bird design green wall

Living walls can be whimsical and fun, creating an entertaining experience for people of all ages. Entertaining living art designs inspire viewers to interact with their surroundings.  Connecting with our surroundings keeps us mentally sharp and staying entertained reduces the negative effects of stress.

Living Art Creates Dialog

Girl in lion costume on living art display green wall

Eye catching displays spark conversation. People can’t help but discuss the effect a powerful display of art created from vegetation has on them. Open dialogue is a cornerstone of healthy relationships and communities.  Incorporating artistic vegetation into our communities has an immediate and lasting effect.

To see more examples of vegetation as art, visit our project showcase where you will find both indoor and outdoor living walls. You can also learn about both of our award winning exhibits, Back to Eden and Breathe.  Both exhibits were part of ArtPrize, the worlds biggest publicly voted art contest. Head over to our YouTube channel to enjoy a few short video profiles of art created with plants.