The costs that go into a LiveWall® brand living wall are infrastructure (WallTers, VertiRails, RainRails, irrigation components, fasteners, etc.), plants, taxes, labor, rental of installation equipment, and a fair profit for the installer.

The cost will vary with the scale of the living wall project – bigger costs less, smaller costs more (per square foot) – ease of access, plant selections, and complexity of the design. When we add this all up, we project the contractor-installed costs will typically fall within the range of USD $90-$150/sq ft.  The cost of the LiveWall-supplied structural components only are typically delivered for USD $45-$75/sq ft. Keep in mind that site alterations for plumbing, drainage and lighting may be required, too.

If this range is within your budget, we can supply you with a delivered estimate for your project.

For a budgetary estimate of your project, please call 877-554-4065, or email plans or site images to us at, or send your request via this form: