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Welcome to LiveWall®, the best performing living wall system on the market.

We make going green at home simple! Homeowners or renters can easily grow plants with a green wall, indoors or outdoors.  With LiveWall, do-it-yourselfers can expect the highest quality living wall on the market at an affordable price.  Living walls provide more than beauty, they are functional, providing therapeutic activity without the strain on knees and back with little or no weeding.  Fresh, homegrown produce for improved nutrition is almost effortless.  Exterior planted walls also help shade and add insulation to buildings, and this natural cooling effect reduces air conditioning costs. An indoor green wall helps to improve home air quality, creating a healthier, more relaxing environment in which to live or work.

LiveWall can be installed on virtually any building wall or fence, and our DIY living wall kits have architectural grade components with simple, easy-to-understand instructions.  Our How-To section includes video and written guides for green wall installation, planting and maintenance.  Call 877-554-4013 or email for help from our friendly customer service team.

For those who want a fully assembled, ready to plant solution, we have developed LiveScreen, a living wall on wheels.  Our automatically watered green wall kits and green screens include an easy-to-use hose timer, and watering occurs for only 1-2 minutes per day, creating water-efficient gardens that give gardeners the freedom to travel.  Other systems unnaturally force plants to grow sideways, which stresses the plants and makes them more susceptible to damage from disease, pests, and exposure to extreme temperatures.  Because the LiveWall system provides natural plant orientation—stems and leaves grow upright and roots grown downward—and has natural, rain-like watering, plants are healthy, long-lasting, and yield high amounts of produce.

Interested in hiring a professional to install and plant your green wall system?  Please contact us for referrals to local professional contractors.

LiveWall offers the greatest green wall plant versatility and bottom line benefits.

When used for signage, a green wall is a great way to expand a brand.  A living wall tells customers, residents, employees or neighbors that you care about your community, your health, and the ecosystem. Vertical gardens save energy and conserve resources. The evapotranspirative effects of living wall plants and the growing medium can reduce [...]

Living walls are an attractive organic alternative to traditional two-dimensional architectural siding treatments.  They expand the usefulness of buildings and create three dimensional siding systems with beautiful green planters. They can be planted monochromatically, randomly, and in geometric color patterns.  Colors, textures and scents change throughout the year. Artistic expression comes to life with LiveWall [...]

Planted living walls can significantly reduce ambient noise and create a more beautiful, relaxing and inspirational environment. This exposure to nature has been shown to reduce stress and allergies and contribute to mental and physical health. LiveWall plants have been proven to positively affect mood, perception, feelings and creativity.  Colors such as red, orange and [...]

Living walls cool and quiet urban environments and provide natural habitat. LiveWall living walls help reduce urban heat islands.  The urban heat island effect is the temperature difference between urban areas and their rural surroundings and is now documented as a significant contributor to climate change.  The temperature differential causes air currents and dust, and [...]