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What Are LiveScreens?

LiveScreens are mobile versions of the LiveWall® system. There are four models, detailed below.

Don’t be confused by conflicting nomenclature.  The search term “living screens” may produce various distantly related products.  You may find “living screens” online that are either a hedgerow or a trellis growing on a wire mesh to create a privacy fence.  You may also find “living screens’ that are garage screens to create a sheltered outdoor space free from insects.

But there is only one LiveScreen, and it is the most colorful, most adaptable, most mobile, most varied “living screen” solution to erecting a fence for privacy or for creating a lovely blocking wall for a deck or patio, providing a sustainable private outdoor or indoor space.

LiveScreen Is a Mobile Garden Wall

On a free standing green wall that you can roll into the designed position, LiveScreen allow you to grow annuals, perennials, herbs and vegetables in patio and deck applications.  LiveScreen are great for making patio gardening easy – reducing the threat of back pain because you stand up and garden.  With LiveScreen, you plants are protected from weeds and out of reach of critters.

The LiveScreen System provides metered automated irrigation for proper plant watering and nutrient sustainability on every row.  Supporting nearly all types of plants, LiveScreen enhances lives, hurter mental health and reduces stress with beauty, accessibility and ambiance.

What Else Can LiveScreen Do?

They create lovely, fragrant private spaces between adjoining condos and apartments or serve indoors as mobile room dividers.  LiveScreen make gardening accessible to disabled individuals because you can garden while sitting.  They can help pay for themselves in a season or two with vegetables, herbs, greens and small fruits.  As an added bonus, LiveScreen may be maneuvered to create shade whether it is morning or afternoon and provide you with moveable protection against summer heat, sunburn and melanoma.

LiveScreen is a simple, mobile living wall system that you simply unwrap and plant.Well Made, Lightweight and Long Lasting

LiveScreen are made of high quality architectural-grade anodized aluminum supports and specialty-molded components designed to last for decades.  LiveScreens are made in the U.S. and horticulturists and biologists scrutinize the production process.  We stand behind our high quality products and offer a comprehensive warranty.

Who is Using LiveScreen Today?

  • Homeowners
  • Condominium owners
  • Apartment dwellers
  • Restaurant owners
  • Senior living facilities
  • Occupational therapists
  • Disabled gardeners
  • Schools

What colors are available?

LiveWall WallTer® living wall planters are available in a variety of designer colors.

Outdoors:  Black, Blue Stone, Cedar, Cool Gray, Forest Green, Sage, Salsa and Sand.
Indoors:  Black, Blue Stone, Forest Green, Sage, and Sand.

Which models are available?

Automatically watered, largest LiveScreen unit with five tiers of planters on both sides.

Automatically watered, wheelchair accessible gardening.

Automatically watered, largest LiveScreen unit with five tiers of planters on both sides.

Hand-watered unit includes drip-free drainage system with complete water containment to protect indoor surfaces.